Restaurant, Wine bar, cocktails and good food in our hotel in Hossegor

Foodies behold!

The Seren’issime restaurant and wine bar in Villa Seren is open to everyone, offering an atmosphere to be enjoyed without moderation and a choice of carefully selected wines from producers across our beautiful terroir. We will share their passionate winemaking stories and provide recommendations for a bespoke experience. Meryl and her team will be delighted to welcome you and provide you with the opportunity of discovering our cocktail menu. We also offer premium spirits, fresh fruit juices, craft beers and more.


The Villa Seren is proud to commit a little more to the environment and to highlighting our culinary heritage. Thus 80% of our ingredients come from less than 150km aroud.

We have prefer short circuits from our beginnigs, all of our products had been selected with our chef Antony Hory in a deep attachment to quality and taste. He creates a seasonal card that you can enjoy for lunch or diner.


Enjoy the outdoors on our terrace overlooking Hossegor Lake or, in Winter, at twilight, come and relax by the open fire.

Because Villa Seren is above all an invitation to live gently, there is nothing better than to prolong aperitifs with friends by sharing a glass of wine with a delicacy.

Here is a selection of dishes and delicacies from our team at Le Seren’issime Bar and Restaurant:

– Starter : Makis, leeks, seaweed and light wasabi mayonnaise
– Main course : Ibaïama pork chop (550gr) honey, lemon confit, white balsamic
capers and new carrots
– Dessert: Strawberry and pistachio pie
– Drink: Charles’ refreshment (Grey Goose Vodka, pressed cucumber juice, pressed lime juice, cane sugar syrup, Hysope tonic water)

A whole ode to culinary creativity and sharing…

Our restaurant Le Seren’issime is open to everyone, every day.
We have a restaurant room and a terrace with a splendid view of the marine lake of Hossegor.

Profite now and reserve your table at 05 58 58 00 55